Pete Robinson has an extensive knowledge of UK surf culture, a grasp of our rich history that few can match. He is the man who guided into existence the Museum of British Surfing in Braunton and boasts many rare and desirable books and magazines in the collection.  So when we began thinking about our LOVE BOOKS series celebrating the joys of the printed page and publications that inspire and enlighten, we knew Pete’s top 5 recommendations would be a must read. Here they are:

Hawaiian Surfboard by Tom Blake – I’m lucky enough to have an original first edition & this was the book that inspired me to research UK surf heritage and create the Museum of British Surfing. I always have it in reach to keep my spirits up when the going is tough (I can see it now!).

Walking on Water by Andy Martin – for its portrayal of the late Viscount Ted Deerhurst who became Britain’s first pro surfer back in 1978. I’ve met Andy a couple of times and he is an amazing character and has supported the museum by writing articles about my historical research and our exhibitions for the broadsheets.

In Search of Captain Zero by Allan C. Weisbecker – one of the funniest books I’ve read & a cracking good tale.

Devon & Cornish Days by E.P. Leigh Bennett (1930) – “All very well for these Hawaiians or whatever they call themselves, to imagine they hold the field for surbatics. They don’t. You should see some of our fellas – and the girls. They’re marv’lus”. It’s the only section in the book about surfing (at one of my favourite local beaches, Combesgate, North Devon) – but it is beautifully written & I know it almost by heart!

Northern Soul – an illustrated history by Elaine Constantine & Gareth Sweeny – it captures perfectly the passion & emotion of this music scene I grew up with as a teenager in the 1970s, and something that is still with me today as a DJ playing the music I love.

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