Jonny Revill Bio

Having grown up in Milton Keynes, the coast is about as far from Jonny’s doorstep as it gets. Despite this, a small group have kept surfing, year round, since their early teens. Picking up photography after leaving school, he began documenting the adventures they undertook and he hasn’t strayed too far without a camera since.


What’s your connection to the sea? What drew you to the sea and why surfing?

The sea has always been something that attracts me, yet I’ve grown up pretty much as far from the coast as you can get in the UK. I guess as its not something I see on a daily basis it’s remained a really inspiring place for me. When it comes to surfing, it just seems like the right thing to be doing. I’ve never had a bad time in the water, even in winter when the weather and sea are bitterly cold or on a small, mushy day. I’ve always had fun surfing and every session is different. You can’t say that about many things.

When and why did you get into photography?

I’m more of a visual person and enjoy anything creative. I took photography at school, spending time in the darkroom etc. But it wasn’t until I left and started going away on trips that I really took to photography. I saw some surf photos that were taken on film and the colours and tones really appealed to me so I bought an old 35mm SLR and began documenting the things I was doing, places we went etc. From there, I went on shooting a load of film and started keeping a camera with me all the time. I began getting photographs that I was stoked on and it’s gone from there.

What piece of your work are you most proud of?

My favourite piece of work is a series of photographs I shot while on a six week trip down to Portugal following the Atlantic coast in my van. I have great memories from that trip and I never get tired of looking back at those photographs. To me, they represent that time perfectly and that’s a quality I look for in photos.

Who do you most admire?

This is a difficult one because there are just too many people to choose from. Anyone going about life doing what they love to do, I admire. I have a whole list of photographers who’s work and careers I admire but I couldn’t pick one in particular.

What would be your dream session?

I’ve had some of my favourite sessions in SW France. Bright, early morning with a slight offshore. Nice 4-5ft swell, peeling left and right on the sandbars. Get in there with some friends and have some fun. That’s the dream.