Calum Creasey Bio

Filmmaker, aficionado of analogue photography, sometime craftsman. By some unfortunate fate, raised far from the Ocean on this small isle. Gifted a group of companions. We take every chance to rectify our geographic situ in various craft, finding solice in vans and under canvas.

What’s your connection to the sea? What drew you to the sea and why surfing?

Through my early years and my family. I didnt go abroad until I was 14/15 and we always took our family holidays in our beloved lt coachbuilt. The sea was at the center of all of that. Surfing and the beach were the defining parts of my childhood, although they both resided hundreds of miles away. For a landlocked kid, calling yourself a surfer gave me an identity, as well as the fact it filled my dreams and ambitions. The ocean has always been coupled with travel. It will always stay that way. Even when situation allows me to permanently reside at it’s shores.

When and why did you get into photography and filmmaking?

It’s the classic, a camcorder for an Christmas present that never left my bag an rarely my hands. I have been real lucky to spend my teenage years with a group of friends that yearned to escape our home towns.
I think every filmmaker has a fear of losing moments in life so they document them. Almost compulsively at times. Always there to return to.
Now it is a huge part if my life, I’d love to say it defines me. I’m conscious of how easily the world of ‘filmmaking’ changes, and has done in the last few years. I’m somewhat a product of that. The process, the stories, this world astonishes me visually all of the time. I will try to carry on watching it through a camera.

What piece of your work are you most proud of?

A short from a while back called ‘Fill Your Life’. What was a normal trip away in the van turned into something that will always signify a certain part of mine and my friends lives. I had borrowed a DSLR for the first time and shot the entire trip on the 50mm lens that came with it. I didn’t know it at the time, and on returning home the footage found an entirely new meaning. It became an ode to an outlook on life in memory of a friend. I am fascinated in how meanings can change, be assigned, defined and lost. That footage and it’s meaning to me was almost concentrated after the act.

Who do you most admire?

Simply put & all cliches aside – my peers. I have other individuals I admire greatly, personalities, sheer creative ability, achievements. That is true as much outside of my groups of close friends as in. But I will always turn to my friends for inspiration.

What would be your dream session?

These guys know who they are. The 3 of us back in the water together, which has not happened in too long, and is rare now days. Leaving commitments behind used to be easy but now we have somewhat aged. 3 in a Nissan vanette, SW france Dawn session. Mid may. 6′ quad.