There’s been a gentle tap, tap, taping in my inbox of of late, of stories and stills of slyde and stoke, of films of hand planes and hand crafted shapes, of those of us prone to surf… the Slyder Cup 2.0 is gathering momentum… but in the mean time, whet your whistles with ‘Man & Sea’ a lovely short from¬†Huck Magazine’s Ed Andrews about Brian Himlan¬†– a slyder and maker of beautiful paipos from across the pond.

“I’d heard of Brian’s work and admired these custom bellyboards and handplanes he made,” says Ed. “Brian’s an avid surfer and an expert carpenter and makes these as something universal that let people enjoy the ocean whatever the conditions are. But all this is more about a deeper philosophy of life; effort, reward and finding the most pleasure in the simplest of things.”