WELCOME TO THE COSMIC VOID – too much sun and flatness.

Words: Alan Stokes  Images: POV self portrait Alan Stokes, B+W Tony Plant

In all its glamorised glory surfing is pretty rad. Kerrupt flips, slob grabs and full rotors are all on the state of the art menu these days, but some things will never get old, like the resurrection of the double drop wallet layback power hack, the soul arch bottom turn or my favourite of all time the good old cosmic tube ride.

It feels totally awesome to fly through the sky like you’re hot shit or lay it on rail like you’re T Knox, but nothing beats the feeling of getting hosed off your melon – it’s surfing in its simplest form and connects us to the energy of riding a wave like nothing else. 

Maybe there is an underlying deeper meaning to all of this wave riding jazz. I don’t know but it sure feels good – if anything it feels better each time I do it. My cosmic take on all this is that as waves travel across the ocean they collect energy, before finally expending that energy in the form of a breaking wave. If at some subconscious level you can become part of it and connect with it then you take it with you, giving you some sort of super human positive energy kick – POW. Well that’s how it feels and I don’t think I’m the only one. I like to think that’s what’s happening anyway and maybe that’s all it takes for it to actually happen – if you think it and feel it to the point of total faith and belief ,will it manifest itself inside you as some sort of energy? That’s a pretty cool mind trip right there isn’t it, or is this just madness talking?  I guess it depends what you believe in.