Steve Croft is a talented man. When he’s not crafting surfboards of exquisite beauty, he’s making hand crafted wooden bento boxes, chop sticks, music boxes – he even hand made his own wedding ring. So when we saw his rad masks, we just had to know more. Here’s the skinny.

“A couple of years ago, after receiving an invite to a Halloween party but struggling for costume ideas, I sat down with a pile of old cardboard, parcel tape, a pair of scissors and plenty of hot tea. An hour or so later and after some trial and error I had made myself a fox mask. The mask was well received so this year I redesigned it and added a couple of other animals. I’ve drawn up the templates, written instructions and made them easy to follow so that the masks can be assembled by anyone, using local materials and removing the need for mass manufacturing or shipping.”

“The masks are straight forward to cut out and assemble and are intended to be made from waste card, old cereal boxes are perfect. There are five mask templates so far, from a dog to a stormtrooper, but I am open to suggestions for new ideas. So if there is a mask that you are looking for, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. The dog is the quickest to make and takes one to two hours. The cat and mouse are no harder to make but they will take a little longer because increased number of folds to fold and edges to tape. They are a good, environmentally conscious alternative to shop bought masks and are also lots of fun to build, besides it’s very satisfying turning a waste 2D material in to a 3D mask.”

If you’re interested in any of Steve’s marvelous creations, from a custom surfboard to the templates for a cardboard mask, check out the links below.

Wintercroft shop