The Slyder Cup

poster2016_a4THE SLYDER CUP   

The Annual Friction Affliction Convention

Welcome to The Slyder Cup! Part competition, part social gathering The Slyder Cup is an annual happening that brings together body surfers, paipo riders, mat surfers, bellyboarders and alaia riders in a one-day event that celebrates the art of waveriding from a ‘finless’ perspective.

Giving a platform to the diversity that exists in the wavesliding culture, the competition is open to both experienced and emerging talents on the burgeoning alternative scene with an emphasis on good vibes, good rides and good times.


This annual contest consists of four categories: bodysurf / handplane; paipo / bellyboard; mat surf; alaia / finless board ridden standing. Please check out the board criteria and terms HERE.

Start time will be announced in the week leading up to the event depending on swell and tides. Each category progresses through knockout format, back-to-back 20 minutes heats, followed by a final to crown a winner in each class.

A grand final is held between each of the category winners and a Slyder Cup Champion is crowned.


The 3rd Annual Slyder Cup took place 27th November 2016. Entries for the 4th annual Slyder Cup are currently closed.

Shapers and makers from backyard builders to established names are invited to showcase their alternative surf craft.  If you have a finless wave-slider you would like to show, get in touch about bringing it along, we’d love to see it at the next event! E:

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