Who we are

About us

Founded by writers Demi Taylor and Chris Nelson in 2012 our philosophy is simple: to tell good stories well. We write on point articles for everyone from the national press to core surf media in print and online, we produce best selling books on surf, travel and culture and as screen writers we delight in telling the stories of youth culture’s most innovative pioneers. We  produce happenings both big and small, bringing people together to create new tales. Forged in cold waters we delight in spreading the stoke through words: in print, on line, in film and in person.

You can find us online, or at our regular socials and happenings. Follow us on Facebook HERE and on Twitter HERE

We’re always excited to hear about new projects so drop us a line to share your news, to get involved and say hello: hello@approachinglines.com

Meet the team

  • Demi Taylor

 Demi Taylor has authoured six critically acclaimed books and writes for the national media including The Telegraph, The Independent and The Guardian on surf and travel related issues. As Director of London Surf / Film Festival and Approaching Lines Festival she has worked with some of surf culture’s most exciting artists, filmmakers and musicians to curate programmes to delight and entertain and as a screen writer has worked on projects for the likes of Red Bull Media House through to The National Trust. (MORE)

  • Chris Nelson

 Writer Chris Nelson is the author of seven books exploring surf, culture and travel including the critically acclaimed Cold Water Souls: In Search of Surfing’s Cold Water Pioneers. He contributes to the national press as well as surf media across the globe. As screen writer he has interviewed some of youth culture’s most interesting entrepreneurs and as co-founder of the London Surf / Film Festival has had the pleasure of hosting talks with some of surfing’s most illuminating icons. (MORE)

  • Crew

We work with a core collective of exceptional filmmakers, artists, photographers,  illustrators, designers, musicians, creatives and events crew.