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Approaching Lines is about ideas – big and small. It’s about the lines we draw in the water, the words we’re compelled to put down, the inspirations and images we want to share. It’s the lines traced on a finger-worn map. It’s about championing creativity, celebrating the makers and the doers; the artists and artisans, the films and filmmakers, the waveriders and purveyors of the glide. It’s the people and places that stoke the fires. Approaching Lines is a chronicle of our times and tides. It’s a haven for tall tales, and home spun yarns, a place to share. You can find us online, or at our regular socials and happenings. And we’re suckers for the smell of the freshly printed page. Above all Approaching Lines is about the stories, the stoke and the surfing. Follow us on Facebook HERE and on Twitter HERE

We’re always excited to hear about new projects so drop us a line to share your news, to get involved and say hello: hello@approachinglines.com

Meet the team

  • Demi Taylor

Demi hails from the Cornish heartlands, has authored six critically acclaimed books and when not out in the water, she can be found covered in sawdust finessing her latest handplane design. She indulges her love of the moving image as Creative Director of the London Surf / Film Festival. (MORE)

  • Chris Nelson

Chris is a freelance writer, Event Director of the London Surf / Film Festival and author of seven books. In Cold Water Souls: In Search of Surfing’s Cold Water Pioneers he spent 3 years journeying to the planet’s most inhospitable waveriding outposts. Although raised on the frigid reefs of the northeast, a decade ago he emigrated to the warmer climes of Cornwall. (MORE)

  • Mat Arney

Board. Camera. Go. Everything else will take care of itself. Mat is a quiet observer, carries a notebook and shoots documentary style surf travel images of rad places and beautiful faces, focusing on the wider aspects of the lifestyle that goes hand-in-hand with a love of the sea.(MORE)

  • Elsie Pinniger

Surfer, craftswoman, artist and producer of beautiful, bespoke neoprene, Elsie Pinniger has a love of warm waves, long point breaks and surfing in the rain. Her Newquay based workshop sits overlooking a small courtyard, Neon Wetsuits is a creative hub in a bustling town. (MORE)

  • Chris Dorning

Give Chris Dorning a pen, a paintbrush, an aerosol or some pieces of old material and amazing things happen. His work is art, but it’s also performance and inclusivity that draws in the onlooker. There’s a diversity and scope that crosses genres and reflects many influences – from the urban to the oceanic.  (MORE)

  • Chris McClean

 In essence Chris is a creative, graphic designer, photographer and filmmaker of uncommon ideals. His films stand strong on the International stage and he is driven to lift the veil on the dark world of surfing the cold fringes of the North Sea. (MORE)

  • Marcus Healan

 Marcus Healan is a Celtic purveyor of the glide, Welsh born and raised in Kernow on a diet of vinyl and fiberglass. He is as at home on a 5’4 as a 9’1, and as comfortable in a long drawn out turn as on a high line charge. Marcus keeps his ear to the ground, scouting ahead through the sometimes rocky soundscape as the Approaching Lines point man, sorting musical gems from the mountains of rubble. (MORE)

  • Nick Holden

Nick Holden is a man who dons many hats, and does so with total enthusiasm. His day job keeps him busy with protecting our coastal environment as lynchpin of the National Trust, but many will know him as the whirlwind force behind the annual World Bellyboard Champs. He also has a hand in many other events and shenanigans, yet still finds time to get wet and generally froth about surfing. (MORE) 

  • Richard Bull

Artist, designer, publisher of fine tomes, Richard’s work always amazes, from his mind bending oils, to his beautiful books. An award winning designer who’s also been prolific in the field of art direction for the music industry, his oils include the series ‘Waves I seem to Recall’ and ‘Waves I will Never Know’.(MORE)

  • Richard Braham

Rich Braham is the force behind The Whale Submarine, a one man ball of creative energy; inspired by a rouge leviathan of the high seas. For lovers of fine prints, limited edition T’s, illustrations and independent spirits, search him out at his Wesley Yard HQ.   (MORE)

  • Rob Lockyear

Rob grew up in rural Devon in a creativity compound. His next door neighbours were two sets of grandparents -one with a woodshop the other with a metalshop. There were guns, diggers, dogs, tyre swings and bonfires lit with cannon fuse. He’s been a diver, a photographer, a carpenter, a nude model and a journalist. He has a short attention span. Rob is a founder member of Crayfish Films.  (MORE)

  • Daisy Campbell

Born and now based in Burton-On-Trent, Staffordshire, Daisy Campbell is a Freelance Illustrator and mother of one, Amelie. Her intricate fine line drawings capture influences from nature to human experiences, making her pieces strange and mysterious, with a basis in the tangible. (MORE)

  • Calum Creasy

Filmmaker, aficionado of analogue photography, sometime craftsman. By some unfortunate fate, raised far from the Ocean on this small isle. Gifted a group of companions. We take every chance to rectify our geographic situ in various craft, finding solice in vans and under canvas. (MORE)

  • Victoria Jones

Illustration, art, graphic design, photography, fashion – Victoria Jones is a talented creative who works in many fields. Her love of nature and the countryside bleeds into her work, whether through trademark sketches of people, animals and plants, illustrating the pages of publications or creating prints for boardsports brands clothing ranges.  (MORE)

  • Jonny Revill

Having grown up in Milton Keynes, the coast is about as far from Jonny’s doorstep as it gets. Despite this, a small group have kept surfing, year round, since their early teens. Picking up photography after leaving school, he began documenting the adventures they undertook and he hasn’t strayed too far without a camera since. (MORE)

  • David Beckitt

David is a university lecturer, graphic artist, designer and typographer. He lives in Yorkshire with his partner Layla, and Molly the toothless cat. His work is eclectic including the surf/art blog Numbskulls, working with surfing ally Chris McClean on design elements for Beyond The Scars, and the award winning Uncommon Ideals. (MORE)

  • Tim Nunn

Tim Nunn is a photographer and writer, and has been involved in media for the last 18 years. He became staff photographer for Europe’s oldest surfing magazine, Wavelength, and then a year later became editor for a total of seven years. He is now freelance; writing, photographing and filming. (MORE)

  • Allyn Harper

Allyn is a filmmaker and graphic designer by trade and is based in the North East of Scotland. His debut film, Through The Whisky Barrel premiered at the inaugural London Surf / Film Festival in 2011 to critical acclaim and went on to be screened across Europe, Hawaii and the USA. (MORE)

  • Droog79

Droog79 is the alter-ego of a salty-faced, suburbia-fleeing, inky-fingered, board-propelled artist, illustrator, designer and lawn bowls aficionado. His weird and wandering work via ink, paint, pixels, words or just a line in the sand has festooned walls, bodies, beaches, posters, windows, shopfronts, skate and surfboards, phones, laptops, canvas, clothing and publications from Milton Keynes to Mexico. (MORE)

  • Ben Cook

Ben is an artist who works in many mediums, crafting beautiful things from wood, foam and resin, or capturing landscapes in fine pencil strokes. His work draws inspiration from the materials used in riding waves, taking inspiration from historical movements, combined with an interest in contemporary popular culture. (MORE)

  • Alan Stokes

There are those people in this world who somehow manage to maintain that grommet-like enthusiasm and drive, seemingly fueled by pure stoke. Alan is one of those rare folk, his life is strange and beautiful and revolves around travelling, surfing and making films with partner in crime Tim Davies. Alan also surfs particularly well, racking up more wins than we could list including UK Pro Surf, British and English titles. When not in the water surfing he can often be found behind the lens, capturing moments from different perspectives.  (MORE)

  • Alexa Poppe

Freelance photographer and designer Alexa Poppe lives in Cornwall, arriving here via a circuitous route. After a childhood in a Bavarian farmhouse and an education in Hamburg, she toured Australia and Asia, landing in sunny Kernow on a surf trip – and here she stayed. Alexa has a keen eye for portraiture and captures documentary style images in a sharp, yet non-intrusive manner.  (MORE)

  • Matthew P

Hailing from Suffolk, Matthew P is a troubadour in the true sense of the word. Delivering a unique brand of infectious acoustic folk pop, Matt’s songs come from the heart. He’s played big festivals, recorded music for surf film soundtracks and enjoys mixing it up with informal sessions, plus if there’s a chance of a surf along the way, then all the better.  (MORE)

  • Chris Bisson

 Surf-skate-loving botanist illustrator, with a photographic disposition and a tendency towards hybrid fish animal humanoid morphology, Chris Bisson has a loooong history of boardriding. With a family connection dating back to the 1930′s, you could say it’s in his genes. (MORE)

  • Mark Leary

Award winning photographer Mark Leary captures the minutiae of life translating the mundane into moments of magic, finding interesting angles in everyday scenes and bringing the subtle hues and tones of the overlooked to life. His new book Salt + Wax combines his two great passions, surfing and photography in a series of images shot over a four year period. (MORE)

  • Chris Case

I’m a third generation fisherman. My family sailed from Ireland to England and laid roots to fish and farm. I grew up on the yellow sands of Dorset and the barren, craggy coast of North Cornwall. Living a diet of sunset fish fires, shore break and shooting stars.  (MORE)

  • Leo Jauncey

 Leo is a Cornish based maker, a creative who crafts fine goods in foam and fibre under the Fellow label. He is growing the brand organically, and garnering a reputation for quality products that perform both in and out of the water. (MORE)

  • Mark Sankey

Mark Sankey is a pen-man from the Pennines, a wordsmith raised on the Stone Roses but drawn south for the love of the outdoors life and good waves. (MORE)

  • Dee Ripoll

Dee is a team rider with O’Neill UK and the 2011 Scottish Ladies Surfing Champion. Dee qualified as a lawyer in 2011 but after 2 years of being stuck behind a desk, decided it wasn’t for her and began pursuing a path of surfing and playing music in her band, ‘Evera’. She also owns and runs the Cold Water Surf School. (MORE)