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Ripple Effect: Wired

In 1993 Louis Rossetto and Jane Metcalfe launched WIRED, a magazine that would go on to become the mouthpiece of the digital revolution, fusing art design and technology to spearhead the charge into a brave new World Wide Web. Today WIRED is read by some…

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Ripple Effect Season 2

Chris Nelson and Demi Taylor were commissioned to write Season 2 of the award winning The Ripple Effect. Exploring the lives and reach of game changing entrepreneurs and icons including the likes of Low Brow artist Robert Williams, father of the synthesizer Robert Moog and…

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Ripple Effect: Bob Hurley

Hurley – from backyard shaper to multi-million dollar brand // Screen writing. We were stoked to be commissioned to tell Bob Hurley’s inspiring story for the award winning series The Ripple Effect for Red Bull TV in association with Hamblin Imagery. Featuring: Bob Hurley, Craig…

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