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Smoke On The Water: Part 2

Words: Mark Sankey Images: Alexa Poppe Design For a Fin Free Journey “Your don’t make it easy for him do you!”, said Daz, the legendary sander/finisher at Nigel Semmens factory, as he eye balled the bumpy old lump of foam on the shaping racks in…

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Smoke On The Water: Part 1

Words: Mark Sankey  Images: Alexa Poppe Genesis of a Fin Free Journey You could say the story of this finless surfboard started in Bali Airport, 2008. Alexa and I had just fallen out of the void of long haul travel. Standing by the baggage collection…

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Shaping the Future

Words: Mark Sankey Images: Alexa Poppe The progression of modern technology is running at staggering pace and this progression permeates almost all aspects of our life. Even ordering a surfboard is not immune to these advances, as many shapers have adopted computer aided programs and…

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