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Viking Peaks

Words: Chris Nelson A taste of sulphur rides on the heavy mist that drifts across the dark barren landscape while the bleached peaks of far-off summits fade from view. The foreground is fractured and broken, the surface a crumbled canvas riven with deep channels and…

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Monochromatic winter

Chris Case disappeared to the snow capped peaks of arctic fringes to work on some new film projects over winter. Reiki is his beautiful deep winter exploration of surf and snow in monochrome. “I am missing the bleak and barron north coast , sitting in…

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In Search of Frozen Realms

Words: Chris Nelson OK, you could say I have a slight obsession with cold water surfing. I was raised on frigid Yorkshire reefs, have travelled to many a distant and snowy shore, I even wrote a book about cold water surfing’s pioneers. So when it…

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