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FOLK // Riz Smith

Riz Smith of Riz Boardshorts talks sartorial surfing, pirates, prints and British boardies. Sometimes I tell people that my parents were pirate hippies when they ask about my name – that would be a cool connection to the sea! Alas it’s not true. My parents bought…

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Empire Strikes Back

  Steve Croft is a talented man. When he’s not crafting surfboards of exquisite beauty, he’s making hand crafted wooden bento boxes, chop sticks, music boxes – he even hand made his own wedding ring. So when we saw his rad masks, we just had…

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Golden Bear

Crafted from British tanned leather using heritage techniques, a bespoke Golden Bear Belt is a real thing of beauty. Real and beautiful, they are the result of craft and graft, integrity and inspiration, artistry and the artisan. The buckles are hand cast in Devon, the hides…

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