We’ve been scouring the charts and reading the pine cones, we’ve been checking the banks and after a meeting in the PT line-up this morning we’ve decided to put the competition element of the Slyder Cup on hold. We’ll be rescheduling this titanic clash for another date later in the calendar, when we can run in conditions that will do our slyders justice. Instead the Approaching Lines crew be holding a ‘Summer Solstice Slyder Social’ – an afternoon for the finless tribe to gather and be immersed in all things Paipo, Surfmat, Alaia and Handplane. We’ll be hosting an afternoon Expression Session and a Show’n’Shine for finless craft – getting together, before getting wet for a salty solstice celebration.

We’ll be at the Blue Bar Boardroom at 1pm for a 1.30 start. We’ll hit the water as the tide drops out and there’ll be some great prizes on offer for categories such as Longest Ride, Most Stoked and Most Rad. The hotly contested Shaper’s Shield will also be awarded to the creator of the vehicle deemed to be the most covetted craft. There will be goodies from many makers and doers, some awesome finless craft to tempt and try, so bring your savings and your stoke.

So see you at PT at 1.30 – bringing some good vibes to the Badlands!