The Slyder Cup 2.0: The Summer Solstice Friction Affliction Convention

We’re stoked to announce that in celebration of the Summer Solstice, The Slyder Cup 2.0 presented by Reef will be going down on Sunday 22nd June at Porthtowan in Cornwall!

Part competition, part social gathering The Slyder Cup is an annual happening that brings together body surfers, paipo riders, mat surfers, bellyboarders and alaia riders in a one-day event that celebrates the art of waveriding from a ‘finless’ perspective.

Giving a platform to the diversity that exists in the wavesliding culture, the competition is open to both experienced and emerging talents on the burgeoning alternative scene with an emphasis on good vibes, good rides and good times across the categories of body surf and handplane; paipo and bellyboard; surf mat; alaia and finless boards.

Shapers – from backyard builders to established names –  are invited to showcase their alternative surf craft and there will be some waveriding vehicles to demo on the day. If you have a finless wave-slider you would like to show, get in touch about bringing it along, we’d love to see it! E:

Stay tuned for details of how to get involved!

To see what went on at the first annual Slyder Cup – The Friction Affliction Spring Convention – CLICK HERE

Thanks as always to our multi-talented collaborator Mr. Richard Braham of Whale Submarine for creating this awesome piece of solstice slyding symbology!