Approaching Lines is stoked to announce that the first annual Reef Single Fin Classic Invitational will take place on Sunday 22nd March at Fistral Beach, Newquay as part of the Approaching Lines International Festival of Surf. 12 of the UK’s most talented surfers will be invited to take part in a single fin style-off at the UK’s most iconic surf spot. “We are amped to be able to bring this classic event to a venue with such a rich surf heritage,” explains Event Director Chris Nelson. “The single fin is not only a classic surf craft that was pioneered by many of Cornwall’s great shapers, it has also become a modern progressive design, used by an increasing number of surfers today.”

The twelve stylemasters are: Ben Skinner, James Parry, Alan Stokes, Gee Piper, John Eldridge, Tom Anderson, Toby Donachie, Sarah Bentley, Jack Croker, Sam Lamiroy, Sam Boex and Neil Holland. The contest will take place at North Fistral and the forecast is looking near on perfect with sun to boot. Make sure you get down and see the action up close. First heat hits the water at 11 AM.

The Single Fin Classic Invitational will be split into two categories – the Junior Single Fin (for post 1981 surfboards) and the Senior Single Fin (for original pre 1981 vintage boards). The winner will be the surfer who exudes the most stylish surfing with smooth expressive riding, linking power with flow and stoke whilst going for broke. “It’s not necessarily the difficulty of manouevre that counts,” explains Contest Director Nick Holden.  “In true Approaching Lines spirit it’s also about the style with which it’s executed.”

There will be a £400 prize purse up for grabs and the line-up of surfers will be released very soon. The start time will be announced closer to the event to make the most of the conditions on the day and we encourage everyone to come down to Fistral and enjoy the stylish waveriding.


Image: Alex Callister