LEFT: SHOAL // RIGHT: YACHT RACE  Images: David Beckitt

Graphic artist, designer and typographer David Beckitt spent his childhood around boats and his introduction to surfing at 17 was a logical progression. Film lovers will be familiar with his work as he has recently teamed up with old friend and surfing ally Chris McClean to deliver design elements for Beyond The Scars, and the award winning Uncommon Ideals.

“My family are from Grimsby a place where the sea is cultured into society. My grandad was a carpenter who built his own boats out of the locally landed timber, and my dad sailed for well over sixty years. I grew up listening to amazing first-hand accounts of the unpredictable North Sea storms. A favourite involved a ‘quick dash to Holland’ which very nearly ended in disaster. A combination of unforeseen gale, 30 foot seas, and a 22ft wooden sailing boat. Commercial ships were sending out maydays, while my dad and his crew bravely made their way eastwards. Eventually they made it to land, but they were 75 miles off course. The locals lined the harbour to welcome their arrival. Heroes. My dad was just sixteen. One of the older crew members was to never sail again. So, I spent most of my childhood either on or near boats. Every weekend a sailing weekend. Every holiday a sailing holiday. (Sound familiar?) My dad would prevent me from getting caught up in heavy conditions, but that just made me want it even more, and you always want what you can’t have. So, when I met a bunch of kids from Cleethorpes who used to surf down near Mablethorpe, I made the transition – and it felt like the most natural thing ever. Ironically, these days I really miss the sailing.” David Beckitt