You take a carrier bag here, use a bottle of bleach there and before you know it, you’ve got an ocean full of plastic and no where for it to go. Everyone’s seen that Zak Noyle photo from Indo of a guy surfing through a barrel of plastic litter, everyone’s seen the photos #2minutebeachclean and SAS put up on a daily basis documenting the plastic waste on our own shore lines. It’s a serious problem that effects us all and isn’t just going to go away.

On Wednesday 25th February, Newquay Marine Group are hosting a hosting a talk with BBC Filmmaker David Jones from the Plastic Oceans Foundation who will be discussing their independent film that explores the devastating effects plastic have in our oceans.

The talk costs just £3 and kicks off at 7pm at Cornwall College, Newquay Campus. Spread the word and see you there.

And now a word from David Attenborough