We’re stoked to hear that our good friend James Otter, founder of Otter Surfboards and maker of fine wooden waveriding crafts will be down at the Slyder Cup, hand shaping a hand plane throughout the day!

“The Otter Surfboard’s van will be bringing a range of wave sliding craft to tomorrow’s Slyder Cup at Lusty Glaze, as well as part of our mobile workshop set-up,” says James. “Throughout the day I’ll be shaping a handplane in exactly the same way that we do on our one-day “build-your-own” courses. Our handplanes are shaped using blanks constructed from select wooden surfboard offcuts, with rocker profiles and concave to suit a variety of conditions from steep, barreling shore-breaks through to larger and flatter waves. We’ll have a few different demo models on hand for people to try out too, and are really looking forward to a day of finless wave riding!”