There are some films you watch that stay with you, that your subconscious keeps returning to in those fleeting moments between awake and asleep, between the sets, on the journey homeward. ‘North of the Sun’, the directorial debut from Inge Wegge  and Jørn Ranum is one of those films. Winner of Best Documentary and Viewers Choice at London Surf / Film Festival 2012, it is a real stand out film that has gone on to sweep the board across the world. If you missed the UK Premiere, fear not, we’re stoked to announce that the film is now available on demand here:

So, support independent filmmaking, light the fire, pour a whiskey and settle in for an evening of frigid surf exploration.

NORTH OF THE SUN Dir: Inge Wegge & Jørn Nyseth Ranum, NOR

Inge Wegge  and Jørn Ranum spent nine cold, dark, winter months living on a remote, arctic island off the coast of Northern-Norway. On an isolated bay edged by the vast potential of the Atlantic they built a cabin from driftwood and other materials that washed ashore, foraging for free food in the local store. The boys brought with them stoke, humor and two items of utmost importance – their surfboards… ‘North of the Sun’ is a Stoked and Broke for the cold water tribe – a real staycation epic on zero bucks at zero degrees!