Nick Holden Bio

My name is Nick Holden and I live in the sleepy little fishing village of Newquay, Cornwall. I was saved from the rave many years ago and after mooching round a few decent waves in the world and plenty of average ones I ended up in kernowshire. I graft in the open sky on the mid Cornwall coast mainly fixing, cutting, digging and building stuff but also organising a few events. I take whatever the elements can throw at me and being in them allows me time to notice lots of subtleties in the environment, landscape and wildlife that aren’t there at a glance.¬† I get my stoke on for surfing and find any possible excuse to do loads of it. I consider myself smiley and lucky to be working, living and bathing on the Cornish coast.

What’s your connection to the sea?


What drew you to the sea and why surfing?

Spent a halcyon summer going clubbing and getting loose we’d then go for crazy adventures swimming in lakes, rivers, and mooching in the countryside to come back down to earth. Reckon’d as a city kid the grass was greener. One weekend we found ourselves in nth Wales. I saw 4 guys out on a nice looking wave and knew straight away that was goina be me. I was a strong swimmer since being a kid so I guess it gave me the confidence.¬†With primitive equipment I went thru most of that first winter and there hasn’t been a day since where I haven’t thought about when and how I can next get in the sea

When and why did you get into conservation?

10 yrs ago when I moved to Cornwall. I needed to find another passion that was as closely connected to stuff as riding waves and being in the sea. Understanding the land, learning about conservation and having opportunity to have a positive influence within it feels right.

What piece of your work are you most proud?

Dunno, I made a pretty cool wreck post a few years ago out of sweet chestnut, whilst living and working on the Roseland from felling the tree to shaping with a draw knife and digging it in the ground. It was a labour of love and took over a year, hopefully it will last a little while.

Who do you most admire?

Folk who dance to their own beat. In surfing terms Peterson, Dora, Greenough, the trippers !!

What would be your dream session?

Wow, don’t get me dreaming, I do too much of that already. I guess there are better waves in the world but J Bay, overhead and sheet glass, on my 5’9″ rubble, best friends in the line up. I’ve always dreamed of going to J Bay, did I win ?