In the latest of our Love Books series we hear the top five recommendations from Jamie Brisick. Jamie is an ex-pro surfer turned author, wordsmith, filmmaker and photographer whose books include We Approach Our Martinis With Such High Expectations and Have Board Will Travel. His work draws on diverse cultural references and is sharply honest and insightful. He is currently working on a film project about the Westerly Windina / Peter Drouyn story. Jamie is one of those folk that it’s always great to catch up with and conversation flows through many topics and down fascinating alleyways, so I was keen to hear where his top five book list would go. He compiled his recommendations on the sea front at Snapper Rocks while surrounded by the ASP World Tour circus. Here they are:

1. James Salter, Burning The Days — a memoir of Salter’s storied life. Along with the crystalline sentences, it’s a spur to seize the day, go out and live.

2. Norman Mailer, The Fight — an account of the Ali/Foreman “Rumble in the Jungle” that is riveting and hilarious. A great window into the inner workings of an athlete leading up to a major bout.

3. Tom and Nick Carroll, TC — Tom Carroll’s memoir, in which he flays himself open in ways former world champion athletes rarely do.

4. Geoff Dyer, Out of Sheer Rage — a biography that blurs into a memoir that brilliantly depicts the torture of writing both biography and memoir.

5. Thad Ziolkowski, On A Wave — a coming-of-age memoir about a teen surfer from Florida who moves on from the beach—something few surfers imagine, fewer actually do.

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