I Knew Jack O’Neill // Screen writing

Jack O’Neill created the wetsuit – a barrier to the cold. That barrier was a doorway that opened up new new places. Stretching the realms of possibility. Taking us with him. Thinking: What if? Why not? Let’s go!

We were honoured to be commissioned to tell the story of Jack O’Neill, writing a tribute to a man that not only changed  surfing forever but impacted the wider world.

When filmmaker Peter Hamblin approached us with this project, we had just one week to turn the script around. In telling the story of a man’s life, we knew we wanted to capture both the big moments and the intimate details that made the man, writing an emotive piece that captured Jack’s spirit, his ethos, and his passions.

The Voice

We were privileged to talk story with some of those who knew Jack well and The Narrator’s journey aims to capture how they remembered Jack, his personality, his drive, his philosophy. To share with the world not only his leaps of innovation, but details of his life that helped shape the man.

The piece is also interwoven with those touchstone phrases, well known in the surfing world, bringing his voice into the piece.


Across world-wide surf media including: Surfer Magazine, Stab, Tracks, Carve, What Youth, Grind TV

Writers: Chris Nelson and Demi Taylor

Director: Peter Hamblin

Editor: Sam Dewar

Animator: Richard Tilley

Producer: Frankie Fogg / Hamblin Imagery Ltd

Jack O'Neill was a maverick with a zen garden and a Jaguar sportscar Jack O'Neill created the wetsuit and changed surfing forever Jack O'Neill viewed the world through a telescope - does that change your perspective?