Words, Images and Film: Calum Creasey

Calum Creasey is a super talented filmmaker and creative behind Stokedeversince. His latest project combines film, photography and print, culminating in this short film and a super limited edition print run of beautiful, perfect bound books. “This projects was really about getting 35mm photos away from the screen and into a printed piece,” explains Calum. “I have a small amount that I wanted send to anyone who wants one, along with some postcards.” If you’d like a copy of ‘Further Reaches’ you can contact Calum at calum@stokedeversince.com A.L.

‘We have not truly traveled until we have sought out the Further Reaches of the land on which we are from’

The rolling home lay in a sorry state, engine laid bare, daylight on pistons, oil on hands and tarmac. Plans already made, those we couldn’t go back on, with a lend and a borrow – we left.

Go, travel many roads on many islands in a lifetime, yet the 14.2 miles that lay from Broadford to Elgol will be etched in your minds eye forever. The road gave a rest for weary heads, waking eyes and running falls. Forgotten gravestones are playgrounds for sheep. Moss breaks the bitten grass and clings to rocks amidst the sound of running water. Salt lochs eb and swell twice a day, jostling the moored boats that smell the Ocean, lying protected from its prowess. Freshwater slides silently across the surface of the dense saline expanse, hands painful from the plunge. The tarmac curves bringing back into sight of were you came, a moment of recollection for a first time wanderer…

A project by Stokedeversince