Chris Dorning is an artist, doer and maker in demand. Fired by the mantra ‘Iron Will and Necessary Skill’ Chris is a collaborator and creative force majure so we were super stoked to hear about the launch of MAKEMAKE his creative workwear brand. We caught up with Chris to talk about honest origins, Richard Arkwright and having a head full of magic.

I remember drawing and painting as far back as I can go. I have been drawing my way through life, offering my conceptual thoughts to whoever requires it and trying to maintain a life of creativity. I paint and draw anything and everything. My work as an artist is usually from a surreal methodology and I have made a career out of offering new concepts then making them realities.

I have been described as having a head full of magic which makes me feel very happy and means something is working.

I started MAKEMAKE as a graphic brand, a home where all my designs worthy of being worn could reside – not all artwork sits pretty on clothing. I create outerwear, shirting and accessories as well as graphic-biased garments.  As I am from a skateboarding, surfing and art background there was always a source of inspiration for the clothing and the artwork.

In all the aspects of my background there was always a feeling of “work” involved, getting things right, it’s easy to treat the things you love doing as work, because you want to do them well and sometimes that means alot of repetition and starting again. This is where the IRON WILL & NECESSARY SKILL mantra comes in.

Using your skills and having the inner push to get on with them is something we should treasure, that is one of the main focusses of the brand.

Honestly, there are a lot of brands out there, too many in fact, but that’s only because there are to many humans and alot of us humans have a desire to create.

Honest Origins. Painting onto t-shirts and giving them to friends as a young kid, customising all my clothes, sharing creative ideas with others and not thinking about the money side of things helped create a solid creative foundation for MAKEMAKE. I only use art work that has been created by myself or a creative mind I have collaborated with. I can’t stand seeing brands rip imagery off the web and pass it as their own.

I hope MAKEMAKE will grow into a solid, creative workwear brand that will spread heavy the importance of sustainable manufacture, creative thinking, perseverance and of course IWNS. Humans need to take responsibility for all human action, I’m not gonna preach about it, but it should be a staple ideal for all businesses. 

Designing is the fun part. I first draw, sketch and scratch. I have a little look around at what is already out there, but forget just as quick. When it comes to graphics it all comes from my head and experiences, and the garment design takes a little more precision in the drawing, plus I am lucky enough to know a great garment designer who lives in Canada who I collaborate with. She has helped me a lot.

I don’t know when you can decide what the future holds for something that is so close to you. I would like to see the honest growth of the brand that supports a network of creative and adventure filled lives. There are many avenues MAKEMAKE could take, what with having a seemingly endless supply of ideas, but as long as we stick to the IWNS methodology, we can’t go wrong. It would be great to see the brand lend itself to others, help to inspire and support.

I have a million ideas that I would like to pursue but one thing I have learned or learning is how to focus (he says whilst talking on the phone and typing at the same time).

Dreaming helps and hope is good. In time I hope more opportunities arrive where I can keep using my ideas. The world needs less “stuff” and “things”, more clever thinking and useful solutions, so if I can make a business that just does that, then I’ve cracked it!

I live up north in Preston, an in land northern town / city that is famous for being the birth place of Richard Arkwright, the inventor of the Water Frame. He was a big deal in the Industrial Revolution. We have a rad skate shop here called Scene that really ties the shredder’s community together!