Saturday Sessions



SESSION 1: 7pm 

FISH // The DocumentaryFISH: THE DOCUMENTARY Dir. Joseph Ryan, USA (Southwest Premiere)

Multi award-winning and Surfer Poll nominated – an epic exploration of the board design that revolutionised surfing forever. At a time when logs ruled the line-up, San Diego surfer Steve Lis came up with a design so radical it remained an underground sensation for years. Combining awesome action footage with contributions from a who’s who of surf culture, from pioneer Steve Lis through to modern creatives like Dave Rastovich, via Derek Hynd, Mark Richards, Tom Curren and Rob Machado, this really is a must see.

Awards include: Best Film Bell’s Beach Surf Film Festival 2016; Best Documentary Florida Surf Film Festival 2015; Best Feature SAL 2015; Spirit of the Festival London Surf / Film Festival 2015



SESSION 2: 8.45pm 

wedgeDIRTY OLD WEDGE Dir. Tim Burnham, USA (European Premiere)

The Wedge is a mythical man-made mutant.  Since its creation, people have flocked to stand and stare in awe as a tight crew of surfers and bodysurfers take on the monstrous waves where injuries are common and where even deaths have occurred.Dirty Old Wedge showcases the history of this iconic wave  from its creation in the 1930’s through to today’s “Wedge Crew”. Featuring epic womping, wipeouts, hard charging and insight from Keith Malloy, Mark Cunningham, Ron Romanosky   Mike Stewart, Danny Kwock, Bill Sharp and the hard charging WEDGE CREW this is an epic ‘eyes-on-stalks’ visceral feast not to be missed!