Demi Taylor



Best selling author Demi Taylor has written numerous books on surfing; she contributes to the national press including The Telegraph, The Independent and The Guardian on surf and travel issues.

As a screen writer she has worked for the likes of O’Neill creating a tribute to the late, great Jack O’Neill and Red Bull Media House x Hamblin Imagery interviewing icons of youth culture from lowbrow artist Robert Williams to Atari computer games entrepreneur Nolan Bushnell and Wired Magazine founders Louis Rossetto and Jane Metcalfe to write 9 x 25 minute episodes of the award winning The Ripple Effect. As a producer she has worked with brands ranging from National Trust to Kelly’s Ice cream.

Director of London Surf / Film Festival and Approaching Lines International Festival of Surf, Demi has worked with some of surf culture’s most exciting brands, artists, filmmakers and musicians to curate programmes, one-off screenings and special events to delight and entertain.