Eugenio Barcelloni Basque barrels

Our friend  filmmaker Eugenio Barcelloni  has journeyed through the Basque country for his latest project “Deja Vu” a super stylish reminder of those golden days of beach breaks and barrels past and those yet to come.

DejaVu from Eugenio Barcelloni on Vimeo.

A journey made of images, frenzied, through woods, across beaches and cities along the Basque Coast. A “DejaVu” between breaking waves, sand banks that come and go, through tiny streets and tunnels, rushing in the car or on along the wooden boards at the water’s edge, a collection of memories…

Directed — Eugenio Barcelloni
Surfers — Angelo Bonomelli – Eugenio Barcelloni
Graphics — Enrico Fioraso
Music — Darkside “A1″ – Reid Willis “Archer’s Garden”