Approaching Lines Festival, presented by Reef

“OK, Where’s Kepa?” We looked around the heaving cauldron that was Belushi’s Bar and all was drunken chaos. We’d all been chatting, decompressing at the end of the first annual Approaching Lines Festival, a sell-out capacity run of three nights of stoke filled movies, rad-tastic shorts and talks – when Basque adventurer and filmmaker Kepa Acero had suddenly been whisked away by a clan of drunken surfers and Spanish groupies. Having survived solo missions to Angola, Patagonian roadtrips and even an Antarctic boat expedition, how had we lost him to the wilds of Newquay?

The surf pumped, the sun shone and on my way to the venue I stopped off at Fistral to see the water thronging with crew, lined swell groomed by offshores – not exactly what you hope for when you are putting on a film festival that relies on people not wanting to actually go surfing instead. However at five to seven, the doors suddenly burst open and a wave of Newquay’s great and good rolled through the doors, salt crusted, smiling and ready for the show.

The first annual Approaching Lines Festival Cinematic Surf Session took place from Thursday the 24th to Saturday the 26th of April at the Lighthouse Cinema in Newquay and The Poly in Falmouth, Cornwall. The six sessions were packed to the rafters as we screened fifteen films to a knowledgeable and stoked audience. Chris ‘Lowdog’ Ryan delivered the Frothometer so we could closely monitor how amped each crowd became during the screenings – and it turned out to be a full on hoot fest. Highlights included the psychedelic spectrum of slides that is ‘Groove Move’, the Jack Coleman tour de force having its European Premiere. The Frigid Foursome quadruple bill warmed the heart with cold water tales from northern lattitudes, including a World Premiere of ‘Faroe Islands’ by Chris McClean, ‘Russia’ by Ben Weiland / Chris Burkard, ‘The Fortune Wild’ by Ben Gulliver and the UK Premiere of ‘Cradle of Storms’ by Bryce Lowe-White / Ben Weiland. The stand-out event of the three days for most was Kepa’s talk, regaling the audience with tales of stripped back travels and out-there expeditions. This was followed by the premiere of ‘Under Desert Sun’ in which Kepa and white haired wizard of the carve Dane Gudauskas venture to the heart of the scorched Angolan coastal fringe in search of endless empty barrelling left points.

Hometime and our Basque friend emerges from the thronging Belushi masses, clutching his ‘Most Rad’ festival award. We head into the night with promises of a crack-of-dawn patrol we know will probably never materialise. But that’s OK, for our dreams will be filled with the finless spinning of Mr Derek Hynd, the stratospheric airs of Mr John John Florence and a cold water slab that has no name, but resides in a land where the maelstroms are birthed and where dragons probably roam the highlands. In a few days time we’ll look back and smile as we paddle out at our local beachie for a lunch time dip – while Kepa Acero will be half way across Russia, heading toward a new adventure.


Approaching Lines Festival Winning Films:

We’re stoked to announce that the films that scooped the gongs at this years AL Cinematic Surf Sessions are:

Best Film Award – Cradle of Storms by Ben Weiland and Bryce Lowe-White

Viewers Choice Award – Under Desert Sun by Kevin Voegtlin

Froth Factor Award – Groove Move by Jack Coleman

Yeeew! K Film Award – Atlantic Diversions: The Faroe Islands by Chris McClean

Most Rad Award – Kepa Acero

We’d like to thanks everyone who helped make this event possible, especially our sponsors Reef and our friends at Xtreme Video, Britanny Ferries, Rebel Brewing Company, Venn Creative and Whale Submarine. We’d also like to thanks all the filmmakers who’s amazing work we were stoked to be able to showcase. See you in 2015!