Chris Case Bio

ChrisCase2I’m a third generation fisherman. My family sailed from Ireland to England and laid roots to fish and farm. I grew up on the yellow sands of Dorset and the barren, craggy coast of North Cornwall. Living a diet of sunset fish fires, shore break and shooting stars.

As a minnow I always held an empty camera. I would remember every frame I snapped. I thought it was just a cool way of looking at everything , I didn’t know about the missing film inside. My grandfather was the editor of the angling times, telling the story of the sea has been in my subconscious and a natural progression. I love to detail the character of each individual swell, the elements that combined to create the waves ridden that day.

Having studied photography in the pre-digital age, I worked as a runner, tea-boy, camera and sound assistant, learning to edit video tape in a bat cave like studio. Whilst surfing and fishing every moment of beach living.

Fishfarmtv was created from a simple idea. To document our land from the eye of the people living there. To show the coast in its raw state, to embody the folk lore laid down before us. We have so much natural beauty, there is no need for make up.

Check out more of Chris’s work here: FishFarmTV

What’s your connection to the sea? What drew you to the sea and why surfing?
The sea is everything to me. My lullaby at night, my companion at dawn. The sea grounds me, energises me, makes me hoot in awe and shudder in fear. In the wilderness of life, I look to the ocean. The sea is me, I am the sea. Surfing is everything she provokes us to do, to tap into her energy. Gliding weightlessly through the blue.

When and why did you get into filmmaking?
I’m a freelance photographer and have been making personal films for a few years. I launched fishfarmtv last spring, after the response to my previous edits. Creative thinking comes naturally to me. Making film is a release, I love to write, to compose prose. I see it all as the same process, the same artistic family. To photo – film – write is an essential way of clearing my mind for more daydreaming.

What piece of your work are you most proud?
Its difficult to be proud of an individual piece of work. Being showcased by my peers at the ‘ All Away in Green ‘ was overwhelming, that night was very special. I had made my father proud, his ward hollered with the sound of folk song, as eight old boys sang together from their beds. As far as work goes, I’m most satisfied in the smallest detail of editing, when the algo-rythm of life flows through light and sound.

Who do you most admire?
I most admire the every day heroes amongst our people.
Nurses, carers, the fighting hearts of the disabled. These people are amazing and humbling, they bring a tear to my eye and courage to my soul.

What would be your dream session?
Waking on the trampoline of a catamaran, a turtle splashes my face and points toward the shore. I hear hoots and screams as everywhere I look someone is getting shacked. Laid back, soul arching, arms up spitters. The dolphins take me to the line up and whip me under a wrapping horseshoe. Time stands still as I marvel at the fish beneath me. Looking down the line, turtles lay out the dotted path. Showered in rainbows, I kick out on the shoulder, then hoot the next wave through. Is that a dream? I’m sure it’s out there somewhere …