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Make / Do: The Chapel Changer with Sarah Bentley

Guide: Sarah Bentley   Images: Demi Taylor The swallows are back meaning summer won’t be far behind and while we’ve been enjoying a taste of the sunshine over the past few days, there’s still a chill wind blowing through the carpark at Chapel. There’s something special…

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Blank Beginnings: Backyard Shaping Part 1

Words: David Beckitt  Images and video: Chris McClean To the unfamiliar eye, a surfboard must seem like a somewhat basic item. A blunt instrument for playful recreation. At worst, it may even be viewed as little more than a toy. Surfers know better of course,…

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The Process: Numb

Words and Images: Tim Nunn Creative projects can start life from the smallest ideas, sometimes growing and mushrooming into all consuming behemoths that can dominate lives. In ‘The Process’ we’ll be inviting filmmakers, artists, writers and artisans to discuss projects or elements of their creative…

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Lapsed Catholics

Toddy Stewart nailed it. With ‘The Surf Magazine’s Don’t Talk About Lapsed Catholics’ he captured the deep down feeling, the sheer frustration, the very essence in one short cinematic ode to the waveriding lifestyle. Bravo.

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Uncommon Idealism: Surf Filmmaker Mark Waters

Mark Waters is somewhere in Vietnam, or Cambodia. It’s probably raining and claustrophobically humid. Not perhaps the obvious choice of location for a surf filmmaker. But then the medium has changed, the parameters have shifted from the days of slash ’n’ burn surf porn, frantic…

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