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Neil Erskine – Perpetual Fluid Motion

The grassy headland overlooking Constantine beach is rich with the smell of rain on the dusty path. A lone figure sits out in the clear blue, hugging the line of speckled foam, fingerprints left by passing peelers as they taper down the point. He strokes…

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Lapsed Catholics

Toddy Stewart nailed it. With ‘The Surf Magazine’s Don’t Talk About Lapsed Catholics’ he captured the deep down feeling, the sheer frustration, the very essence in one short cinematic ode to the waveriding lifestyle. Bravo.

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Uncommon Idealism: Surf Filmmaker Mark Waters

Mark Waters is somewhere in Vietnam, or Cambodia. It’s probably raining and claustrophobically humid. Not perhaps the obvious choice of location for a surf filmmaker. But then the medium has changed, the parameters have shifted from the days of slash ’n’ burn surf porn, frantic…

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