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Slyde Long and Prosper

And so Jimbo Bennet climbed the stairs of the plastic slide to the thundering sound of applause. He received the famous Reef Slyder Cup and held it above his head, flash bulbs popped and with the hoots and cheers ringing in his ears, a new…

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We’re stoked to announce that 13th April 2013, The Slyder Cup  is hosting the exclusive UK Premiere of ‘Anything Sing’, a new collaborative film project from Reef x What Youth. “You only have to look at projects like Dear Suburbia and Lost Atlas to know…

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Special screening of Sight | Sound

Friday 29th March, 8pm sees a special showcase of Mikey de Temple’s beautiful ode to waveriding ‘Sight | Sound’ at Finisterre’s HQ in St Agnes, Cornwall. Spring is a time of change; solitary winter sessions melt way and familiar faces return to the line-up. It’s…

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The Slyder Cup Is Here!

The First Annual Friction Affliction Spring Convention The Slyder Cup, presented by Reef, is a different kind of surf event. Bringing together the alternative breed of surfers: bellyboarders, body surfers, paipo riders, handplaners, mat surfers, and alaia riders it is a one-day surf competition that…

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