Beyond the Scars,
Words and images: Chris McClean

A murmur, a murmur, a shout
The tide touches open wounds
The devil in those sounds, and
The walk turns into a rout

Beyond the Scars is a short film about surfing exposed, freezing corners of the North Sea. It’s about the beauty in inconsistency, the wait between weather systems and what it means to be a coldwater surfer on a fickle shore. As far from the traditional ideal of surfing as it’s possible to get, the North Sea’s cold, grey, windy waves and murky brown water make surfing here a frustrating experience.

Yet, hidden beneath its fickle and hostile exterior is a rich heritage of seafaring traditions and incredible stories to tell about the North Sea. Stories of interesting characters, world-class waves, dramatic coastlines and meteorological extremes. It hasn’t really been told yet – not the way that we want to tell it anyway. Beyond the Scars is the second part of that story.