Words, Images and Film: Demi Taylor

2001 was a defining year. It saw the attack on the Twin Towers and start of the war on terror. We said goodbye to Francs and Pesetas and hello to the ipod and wikipedia. TV’s were square and Ugg boots were cool. Chris was a surf magazine editor and I was working for Quiksilver. On a long road trip north we started talking about hopes and dreams, about books we wanted to write and trips we wanted to go on… a few months later we’d quit our jobs, bought a van and set out for a year on the road surfing and documenting the European coastline. We drove some 5,000 miles from the Orkney Isles to the desert south of Morocco; the surf pumped, the sun shone, CJ Hobgood was crowned world champ and we began the next chapter…

Korduroy.tv caught up with Chris about our year on the road and in a moment of nostalgia I put together this quick edit from the journey.

Many thanks to Matthew P for the music; Feet on the Ground taken from the album Long Straight Lines.